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Matchmaking event na temat Landfill Mining, Barcelona,17-18.10.2017


EIT Raw MaterialsConsell General de Cambres de Catalunya and Agència de Residus de Catalunya are pleased to inform you about the Matchmaking event on "Landfill Mining: Trends and Opportunities" in Barcelona, Spain on October 18th and 19th, 2017.


The objective of the Landfill Mining event is to present and expand knowledge about landfill mining as a technique to support and encourage the evolution towards a circular economy model, reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal, and fostering at the same time the energy and material recovery from waste. The focus will be on old urban and industrial landfills


On the 18th October, invited experts will present some international and local experiences of landfill mining and the performance achieved.

On the 19th October a visit to the Clariana de Cardener landfill is scheduled, where a landfill mining intervention is in progress.





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